We make the best selection of brands so that you can make a difference in your business. Do we become partners?


Elegant and sophisticated. It offers decoration products in different styles to satisfy the needs of all homes. Giftdecor makes it possible to get that personal touch in the house that makes it different.



Acorde encompasses all kinds of products designed to stimulate the olfactory sense, with pleasant aromas and fragrances. Candles, mikados, air fresheners and much more, is what you can find in our most sensory.


Firmness, precision and strength make up Kinvara. Created for cooking and tasting dreams, because something as vital as food deserves to be accompanied by the best utensils. With Kinvara, bring out your creativity in the kitchen.


Simplicity and beauty make up Vessia, a brand created with great delicacy to represent strong and resistant products, mainly made of ceramic and porcelain for cooking and food. A sweet but intense brand, with a lot of character. With a very simple and clean aesthetic, just like their products.


Sophistication and class are the words that characterize Vivalto. Its range of kitchenware products made from glass provide the brand with the touch of elegance and modernity that every host wishes to have at their table.


Harmony, simplicity and practicality are the words that characterize Ibergarden. With our brand specialized in outdoor environments, you will be able to bring life to your garden.


Kipit is in charge of keeping the home tidy. Among its pongotodos, organizing boxes and shelves, you will find a great diversity of solutions for home organization.


Berilo is dedicated to bathroom and personal hygiene items. It includes everything from soap dishes and towels to toiletry bags and cotton pads. In it you can find all the products that help maintain the harmony and care of the most personal space in the home.


Our brand dedicated especially to the furriest of the house. It offers articles that give off freshness, sympathy and comfort; everything necessary to look at them as they deserve.


Particles of plastic materials create Leknes products; products for cooking and food. Practicality, functionality and variety are characteristics of such articles. You can find everything from lunch boxes and bottles, to ice buckets and T-shirts. Reusable plastic that improves our day to day and adds a touch of fun.