Guarantee of Conformity

Any complaint about apparent defects or the non-conformity of the Products delivered by Home Kool Home® Distribution must, under penalty of being time-barred, be sent to Customer Services via the form provided for such purpose on the Website under the ‘Contact Us’ heading within a maximum period of five working days from delivery.

Any return of Products must first be accepted by Home Kool Home® Distribution. In default, the return will be made at the Customer’s expense and risk.

In the event of a proven defect or non-conformity with the order, Home Kool Home® Distribution will carry out the standard exchange or reimbursement of the Product or Products in question. The liability of Home Kool Home® Distribution is limited to the replacement or reimbursement of the Products in question. No compensation of any kind can be claimed by the Customer. In any event, the requests for replacement or reimbursement of defect products can be accepted and analysed only after receipt of the so-called defective products where this has been requested by Home Kool Home® Distribution.


Unless you have any problem with your order, like receiving a product that you didn't order, receiving an incomplete order, or apparent product defects, you cannot return a product without no reasons.

If Home Kool Home® Distribution accepted the return the returned Product must be returned in a condition that allows it to be immediately sold again. The Product must, therefore, be returned in new condition together with all of the instructions and accessories that were delivered with it and in its original packaging.