As a Shop Owner or Retailer, you know the importance of having a reliable source for high-quality home decor and furnishings. Home Kool Home® Distribution is that source. Our B2B online store offers a vast selection of products that will help you stand out from the competition and keep your customers coming back for more.


Here are just a few reasons why you should choose us for your projects

Extensive Product Offerings

With over 50,000 references in stock, we have one of the largest collections of home decor and furnishings available. Our diverse selection of brands and styles ensures you'll find what you need to meet the demands of your customers and offer a unique value proposition.

Competitive Pricing

Our flexible pricing and volume discounts make it easy for you to stay competitive and offer the best value to your customers. Plus, with our free quotes on request, you can plan your budget with confidence.

Tailored Customer Service

Our team of customer service specialists is here to help you every step of the way. Whether you have a question, need a quote, or have a special request, we're here to assist you.

Stay Ahead of the Game:

Check out our Inspirational Area to stay up-to-date on the latest home decor trends and seasonal items. This is your one-stop-shop for staying ahead of the competition and offering your customers the latest and greatest products.

Effortless Shopping Experience

Our user-friendly online store makes it easy for you to find what you need, place an order, and track your shipment. Plus, with fast and secure checkout, you can get back to running your business with confidence.

Low Minimum Order Quantities

We understand the needs of small businesses, which is why we offer low minimum order quantities. This means you can purchase the products you need in smaller quantities, making it easier for you to manage your inventory and budget.

Fast Delivery

We know that time is of the essence in the retail industry, which is why we offer fast delivery. You can count on us to get the products you need to your door in a timely manner, so you can keep your shelves stocked and your customers happy.


A key element in the personalization of a room, wall decoration takes extraordinarily diverse forms. Playing with materials and styles, your clients can dress their walls!

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